Saudi Entrepreneurs Make Waves at Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2023

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2023 (GEC23) served as a platform for Saudi entrepreneurs to connect with global industry leaders, explore growth opportunities, and forge partnerships. Organized by Monsha’at, the event aimed to support and empower Saudi entrepreneurs while promoting collaboration within the global SME sector.

Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark

The Saudi delegation at GEC23 comprised several successful entrepreneurs who shared their experiences and insights into the thriving startup scene in Saudi Arabia.

One notable entrepreneur is Salem Aljawini, Founding Partner at RasMal. Aljawini’s company offers a game-changing subscription-based platform that automates equity management, facilitates fundraising, and enhances governance for companies.

Aljawini believes the Kingdom is primed to become a hotbed for startups due to factors such as increased access to capital, a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the rising quality of founders and their teams.

Another prominent Saudi startup, WakeCap, represented the Kingdom at GEC23 is a technology and construction firm that leverages real-time field reporting to enable construction companies to streamline their operations. Hassan Al-Balawi,  Founder & CEO of WakeCap, attributes his success to the entrepreneurial value of persistence. 

Furthermore, SMEs play a pivotal role in driving the Saudi Arabian economy forward.

Vice Governor for Entrepreneurship at Monsha’at, Saud Al-Sabhan, highlighted the importance of fostering an ecosystem that empowers SMEs to achieve their goals effectively. Al-Sabhan also emphasized the need for supportive opportunities and engagement with both local and international partners from public and private institutions.

Moreover, exciting news was announced at GEC23 as GEN revealed that the next edition of the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) would be hosted in the Kingdom, specifically at the Biban Forum in 2024.

Co-hosted by GEN and Monsha’at, the EWC is one of the world’s largest pitch competitions and startup support programs.

The participation of Saudi entrepreneurs at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2023 highlights the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem. 

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