Saudi Employees in Private Sector Rise to 11.4 million in June

The National Labor Observatory (NLO) issued a report about the total number of workers in the private sector exceeded 11.4 million during the month of June. This indicates the attractiveness of the private sector and its continued growth in creating job opportunities.

Saudi Arabia’s private sector employment hits 11.4 million, commercial registrations surge 78%


According to the report, Saudi citizens totaled 2.34 million, with males at 1.38 million and females at about 957.8 thousand. Additionally, residents in the private sector totaled around 9.07 million, including 8.69 million males and 376.4 thousand females among foreign residents.

The report revealed net growth in citizens’ jobs for the month of June, as 16.59 thousand citizens joined the sector for the first time. Moreover, this increase reflects a promising trend in employment opportunities across various industries.

The National Labor Observatory issues regular reports, including the monthly publication “An overview of the Saudi labor market in the private sector.” This publication analyzes current statistics, offering insights into employment trends and workforce demographics. Furthermore, it helps policymakers, businesses, and academics understand the evolving Saudi Arabian labor market dynamics.

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