NLO Releases Report on Saudi Private Sector for December 2023

Demographic Insights

The National Labor Observatory (NLO)  has released an in-depth report on Saudi labor market statistics within the private sector for December 2023.

Demographic Insights

The report provides insights into the total number of male and female citizens and residents, shedding light on the net growth of citizens’ jobs during the same period and the influx of newcomers into the private sector.

Increased Private Sector Employment

December saw a noteworthy surge in private sector employment, with the total number of employees reaching approximately 10,975,830. This surge underscores the ongoing appeal of working in the private sector.

Citizen, Resident Breakdown

The report breaks down the numbers, revealing that the private sector employed 2,316,647 Saudi citizens in December. In contrast, the total number of foreign residents engaged in the private sector amounted to 8,659,183.

New Entrants to Workforce

Additionally, the report highlights that 44,769 citizens entered the private sector for the first time during this period.

Ongoing Reporting, Insights

The NLO consistently issues a range of reports and publications that offer periodic analysis of indicators and statistics. Additionally, one noteworthy publication is the “Overview of the Saudi Labor Market in the Private Sector,” published monthly to review key statistics and figures from the preceding month.

Furthermore, as a reliable data source, established by royal decree in 2010, the National Labor Observatory serves as the primary and trusted source for labor market data and insights.

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