Saudi Embassy in Muscat warns its citizens of Hurricane Shaheen

The Saudi embassy in Muscat has urged all its citizens there to follow the instructions on the civil aviation of the Sultanate as the Tropical Cyclone Shaheen continues to approach near the coast of the Sultanate of Oman.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad, head of the Weather Nomenclature Committee, revealed that Hurricane Shaheen is developing from a storm to a first-class tropical cyclone.

He said its horizontal speed was seven kilometers, while it rotated around 121 kilometers per hour around the eyes of the hurricane.

He also added that the cyclone is about 400 km away from the capital, Muscat, when it was 6 am.

It is about 700 km from the Saudi border, east of the Empty Quarter, indicating that the atmospheric pressure in the eye of the storm is about 979 millibars.

Meteorologist, Abdulaziz Al-Hussein, for his part predicted that it will affect portions of the sultanate in Oman and the UAE due to its tropical condition.

He also expected strong torrential rains in parts of Oman and the UAE, with the possibility of giant clouds forming that, might affect parts of Qatar and the Eastern Region, especially it is south of Riyadh.

On Sunday morning, the Sultanate of Oman Civilian Aviation Authority warned of the ongoing progress of the “Shaheen” tropical storm near the shore. It claimed its center is around 320 km away from Muscat’s capital.

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