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Saudi, Egypt to boost cooperation in film production

A media conference was held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in a hotel on the Nile in the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Osama Naqli. The meeting was to announce the Egyptian-Saudi partnership in the field of filming and production.

The conference was between the two Saudi companies, “BenchMark” and “Ad Dimension” and the Egyptian “CinePro”, as part of the strategic partnership plans that the two companies work on annually.

The partnership includes plans to produce dramas, films and documentaries during the coming period between the two countries.

Ambassador Osama Naqli expressed his happiness in signing a partnership and cooperation contract between private companies in the two countries, especially regarding art and entertainment industries.

For his part, producer Zaki Hassanein thanked the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, Osama Naqli, for attending the conference. Hassanein also reviewed the activity of the two Saudi companies during the past years and their success in organizing several successful events.

Hassanein stressed that artistic production had become an essential matter for Saudi Arabia in the current period, as companies receive great support from His Excellency, Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh.

That was considered one of the essential steps taken by “Benchmark” and “Ad Dimension”. Their success in the artistic field was enhanced by excellent cooperation with director Othman Abu Laban and producer Yasser Salah with “Cinepro Company”.

The CEO of Benchmark, Mark Zaki Hassanein, mentioned the various events organized by the company in Saudi concerts and other events in the Kingdom.

Hassanein also talked about a new party that will be held during Eid al-Adha in Jeddah’s summer parties and many other events that are being prepared during the current period.

Director Othman Abu Laban stressed during the conference that the search continues for works that suit the Arab community, noting that there is a desire to present many good results that fit the family in the Arab world during the coming period.

It is noteworthy that this cooperation comes in the belief in the importance of joint production between the two countries.

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