Saudi Education Minister participates in the Leaders Day in New York

Saudi Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh, participated on Monday in the work of the Leaders’ Day, which is the third and final day on the agenda of the Education Transformation Summit and its accompanying events.


The summit will be held in New York City, in conjunction with the work of the seventy-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly.


The summit aims to establish greater political commitments to education as a public good from heads of state and to set a new vision for education in the future.


The participation of the Minister included attending the main session of the Leaders’ Day, where the leaders of member states presented statements of their countries’ national commitments,


His Excellency also participated in a high-level session that shed light on investing in digital and distance education and benefiting from what digital technologies offer.


The education ministers participating in the Education Transformation Summit discussed recovering from educational loss resulting from the effects of the Corona pandemic and returning to the right track to achieve sustainable development goals.


The Leaders’ Day comes as a culmination of the work of the Education Transformation Summit, which began with the “Day of Mobilization”, led by a group of youth and civil society institutions from different countries of the world.


Several stakeholders from international organizations participated, where young people presented their vision on transforming education to policy and decision-makers.


After that, official delegations’ sessions were held under the title: “Solutions Day”, which included a large number of seminars and lectures to review proposed solutions to transform education.

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