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Iran protests … Protestors burns Two Police stations

Iran protests ... Protestors burns Two Police stations
Iran protests ... Protestors burns Two Police stations

Iran witnessed the escalation of the protest wave for the sixth day in a row, which began with the killing of the 22-year-old girl, Mahsa Amini, during which she was detained by the morality police. Today, Thursday, Iranian demonstrators burned two police stations in the capital, Tehran, in addition to the killing of a member of the paramilitary “Basij” loyal to the government.


The police arrested Amini for wearing “inappropriate clothes”, according to them, and she fell into a coma during her detention, and the authorities said that they would open an investigation to determine the cause of death.


Most of them were concentrated in the northwestern Kurdish-populated regions of Iran, but they also spread to the capital and at least 50 cities and towns across the Iranian Republic, and the police used force to disperse the demonstrators.


A video clip published by the “Taking 1500” account, which focuses on Iran’s protests, and whose followers have reached about one hundred thousand, showed protesters in the northeast of the country chanting, “We die, we die, and Iran returns” near a burning police station.


Another police station was set on fire in the capital, Tehran, where the unrest spread from Amini’s hometown of Kurdistan.


In the same context, Reuters news agency quoted two Iranian news agencies as saying on Thursday that a member of the pro-government Basij paramilitary organization was stabbed to death in the northeastern city of Mashhad on Wednesday.


This brings the total number of security forces killed in the nationwide unrest to three.


The Tasnim and Fars news agencies reported the stabbing incident on the Telegram website, as their websites cannot be reached, and there is no official confirmation.

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