Saudi Economy is the 16th Among the G20 Members

The Saudi economy portfolio is ranked 16th among the G20 economies, with a total GDP of 793 billion dollars for the year 2019, which is the same ranking for 2018.

The GDP or Gross Domestic Product of the G20 countries, including the Saudi economy, is about $ 67.9 trillion in 2019, representing more than 78.4% of the global economy, with a GDP of $ 86.6 trillion in the same year.

Saudi economy

The United States tops the ranking of the group’s economies with a GDP of $ 21.44 trillion, equivalent to the global GDP, then China with $ 14.14 trillion, equivalent to 16.3% of the total GDP of the G20 countries.

The “European Union” is excluded from the arrangement because it includes 28 countries, and cannot be compared to the economy of one country, in addition to not duplicating the GDP of the EU countries that are on the list “Germany, France, and Italy.”

The G20 summit was held virtually in Riyadh on the 21st and 22nd of November, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has raised the slogan “We host the future.” with huge potentials waiting for the Saudi economy in the coming years.

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