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Muhamad Ramadan raises strong controversy by his pictures with Israeli celebrities

Pictures of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, in one of them next to the Israeli singer, Omir Adam, and the Emirati artist, Hamad Al Mazrouei, and in the other next to the Israeli soccer player, Diaa Sabaa, and in a third next to the Israeli entrepreneur, Elad Tesla, erupted a controversy in Egypt and abroad.

The Emirati artist, Hamad Al Mazrouei, who is known for his support for the normalization of his country’s relations with Israel, published the picture in which Ramadan appeared, placing his arm around Adam’s neck with a smile on top of the three faces, on his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter” accompanied by the commentary of his text “The most famous artist.” In Egypt with the most famous artist in Israel, Dubai brings us together, “before Al-Mazroui later deleted it.

Emirati journalist Hamad Al Mazrouei published an explanation regarding the photo he published of Muhammad Ramadan with the Israeli singer Omir Adam.

The Emirati journalist, commenting on the photo, which has caused a lot of controversy during the past days, said that Ramadan did not know that the singer is Israeli.

Al-Mazrouei, who is considered the trigger of this crisis, wrote through his Twitter account: “To say the word of truth, the artist Muhammad Ramadan did not know that the artist who took the picture with him was of Israeli nationality for clarification.”

Al-Mazrouei was the first person to publish the image of Ramadan and the Israeli singer through his Twitter account, commenting on it and it was widely circulated, and it was welcomed by the Israeli side.

The controversy increased with the re-publication of the official page in Arabic for the Israeli government on the social networking site Facebook. The same image is accompanied by a comment that reads: “Art always brings us together … Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan with Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai.”

The Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan is still facing harsh criticism on social media pages after the spread of pictures of him hugging the well-known Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai, amid widespread controversy between singers and accusations of “betrayal and normalization” of Ramadan.

The General Federation of Art Syndicates in Egypt decided to temporarily cease Ramadan to work until he was investigated about the photos that he had collected with Israeli celebrities at an event in Dubai.

On Monday, the Syndicate of Representative Professions in Egypt, on its official Facebook page, published the brief suspension decision.

The decision stated, “A member of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate / Mohamed Ramadan will be suspended until he is investigated, up to the first week of December 2020.”

The director of the Taiba Center for Political Studies, Khaled Refaat, revealed new details about the photo that brought together the artist Muhammad Ramadan with three Israeli famous people.

Rifaat said during his interview with the journalist Syed Ali: “First, allow me to make a quick point, why do we criticize the artist Mohamed Ramadan that he is an Egyptian artist. The name of Egypt is whether we like it or not, and without a doubt a diligent artist and his audience is not one of them honestly. He can overcome the powerful and the rich, and in this theme, a certain audience will see the hero. “

He continued: “This audience imitates him in his words and the way he dresses, it is natural that I worry that he imitates normalization,” noting that Egypt has fought Israel 5 times in 30 years, and that they do not hide their greed in part of our land. “As for the Gulf, we do not have this part. On the ground, what is useful to the Emiratis does not work for Muhammad Ramadan. “

He added: “Muhammad Ramadan is lying and I know that he is lying, when he says he did not know, he knew and traveled from Egypt on the Rashid Al Habtoor plane, and they told him a party to open a new branch of Rashid Al Habtoor in Tel Aviv. You will do the party in Dubai where the head of the Jewish community was In the Emirates, and the text of the attendees came from Israel.

The story was a violation until one of the invited Hamad Al Mazrouei, an advisor and journalist in the Emirates, was on the first plane that flew out of the Emirates to Tel Aviv. He published the photo, Ramadan told him to remove the picture.

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