Saudi Domestic Tourism on Lead on Founding Day Celebrations

As Saudi Founding Day approaches (Feb. 22), a significant trend has emerged among the citizens of Saudi Arabia – a surge in interest in domestic travel. This shift towards exploring the country’s own rich landscapes and cultural heritage marks a notable preference for local tourism during the celebrations.

The Allure of Domestic Travel During Saudi Founding Day

Saudi Founding Day, a significant national holiday commemorating the establishment of the first Saudi state, has become a catalyst for domestic travel. During this time, Saudis are increasingly choosing to explore their homeland, seeking out both well-known destinations and hidden gems within the country’s borders.

Reasons Behind the Shift to Domestic Tourism

Furthermore, several factors contribute to this growing trend. Firstly, the sense of national pride around the founding day inspires many to connect more deeply with their country. Secondly, the Saudi government’s recent investments in and emphasis on enhancing local tourism infrastructure have made domestic travel more appealing and accessible. Lastly, the global travel restrictions in recent years have encouraged many to discover the beauty within their own country.

Popular Destinations for Saudi Travelers

From the bustling streets of Riyadh and the historic beauty of Jeddah to the serene landscapes of Asir Province and the Red Sea’s stunning coastline, Saudi offers a diverse array of destinations. During the Founding Day period, these places witness a significant increase in local tourists, each offering unique experiences rooted in the nation’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

The Impact on Local Economies

This shift towards domestic tourism during Saudi Founding Day has had a positive impact on local economies. It has led to increased business for hotels, restaurants, and local attractions, supporting small businesses and communities throughout the nation.

The Future of Tourism in Saudi

The growing trend of domestic travel during Saudi Founding Day is reflective of a larger shift in Saudi’s tourism strategy. With significant investments in tourism infrastructure and a growing emphasis on showcasing its cultural and natural assets, the country poises to become a major player in global tourism.

The trend of Saudis traveling domestically during Saudi Founding Day highlights a growing appreciation for the nation’s cultural and natural heritage. This surge in domestic tourism fosters national pride and also contributes to the local economy. As the country continues to develop its tourism offerings, this trend is likely to strengthen, further positioning it as a vibrant destination for travelers.



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