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Saudi Crown Prince Receives Call from Canadian PM Trudeau

Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman received a telephone call from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday.

During the talks, they discussed issues of mutual concern and ways to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Canada in various domains.

They also reviewed the recent developments, along with their respective implications as well as efforts exerted to ensure security and stability in the region.

Reaffirmation of Diplomatic Dedication


This phone call stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment of both Saudi Arabia and Canada to engage in meaningful dialogue and advance their shared goals on the global stage. It highlights the importance of diplomatic communication in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between nations.

The conversation also underscores the dedication of both countries to address pressing international issues and work towards common objectives. By maintaining open channels of communication, Saudi Arabia and Canada demonstrate their willingness to collaborate on various fronts, including economic development and cultural exchange. This proactive approach not only strengthens bilateral relations but also contributes to regional stability and global peace.

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