Saudi Crown Prince launches “Revitalizing Historic Jeddah” project

The “Revitalizing Historic Jeddah” initiative, which is part of the “Historic Jeddah Development Program,” was inaugurated by Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.

The project stems from the Crown Prince’s keen interest in preserving and rehabilitating historical sites to meet the goals of “Vision 2030,” and in a way that reflects Saudi Arabia’s Arab and Islamic depth as one of the vision’s most important pillars, as it will highlight the heritability of the country.

It is an unrivaled historical site in the Kingdom, with over 600 heritage buildings, 36 historical mosques, five major historical marketplaces, ancient alleys and squares, and historically significant areas like the old shoreline, which was a key pilgrim route.

The project will take 15 years to complete, during which time the “Historic Jeddah” will be developed along several tracks, including infrastructure and services, natural and environmental development, improving quality of life, and urban aspects, to make it an inspiring site in the region and a global front for Saudi Arabia.

The project seeks to create an integrated environment with diverse natural components in Historic Jeddah, comprising 5 kilometers of built waterfronts, green spaces, and open gardens that comprise 15% of the entire area of Jeddah Al-Balad and are contained inside a 2.5-square-kilometer project area. The project will profit from these natural resources by converting them into elements that promote a healthy, sustainable environment free of pollution-causing factors.

Since its founding as a fishing site in the third century BC, the new concept of “Historic Jeddah” has taken into account its value as a major meeting point for people, trade, and culture, passing through pivotal growth stations that gave it a greater presence in the history of the region, especially after the establishment of a major seaport.

The initiative is a key component of the Historic Jeddah Development Program’s efforts to invest in the region’s history, culture, and urban components, transforming them into economic streams that contribute to the growth of the domestic product and the achievement of the “Vision 2030” goals.

It also symbolizes the Kingdom’s commitment to achieving long-term development in all of its areas and cities. Saudi Arabia has natural incubators for creative creation and appealing places to live and work, which contribute to economic growth, thanks to ecologically responsible urban development initiatives.

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