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Saudi Crown Prince, British PM discuss updates on Ukraine -Russian conflict

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense made recently a phone call to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

During the call, they discussed areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries and ways to develop it, as well as the efforts made towards some regional and international issues, including the developments in Ukraine.

In another development of the Ukrainian crisis, the British FM Liz Truss warns that Putin’s victory will have “disastrous consequences throughout the world”, calling for more heavy weapons to be sent to Ukraine.

She continues: “We must be ready for a long war, redouble our support for Ukraine with heavy weapons, tanks and planes, use everything we have and ramp up production, we need to do all this.”

Liz Truss’s speech on foreign policy echoes the ideas of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who last week predicted that the war in Ukraine would drag on until the end of next year.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, on Monday, that Britain would provide Ukraine with armored vehicles capable of launching missiles against Russian aircraft, while his American counterpart Lloyd Austin suggested the possibility of Ukraine’s victory if it was provided with the appropriate equipment.

Truss will call for an increase in economic sanctions against Russia, including Europe’s “permanently” ban on Russian energy imports, adding: “There should be nowhere for Putin to turn to finance this horrific war.”

In her speech, Truss heralds a new approach “based on three areas: military power, economic security, and deeper international alliances.”

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