Saudi Commerce Ministry suspends 4000 accounts at “MAROOF” App

  The Saudi Ministry of Commerce suspended about 4,000 accounts on the “MAROOF” platform; for violating the Ministry’s regulations, including violations of non-exchange and refund.

This came in a response to the Ministry of Commerce, after monitoring accounts of merchants on “Instagram” that refrain from implementing the policy of exchange and return for goods, except for goods related to public health, underwear, makeup, and perfumes.

The Ministry of Commerce explained that the return and exchange of goods is the right of the consumer.

It indicated that if the commodity is defective, the consumer has the right to return it and take its price or exchange it, and the ministry has also obligated every store to have its return and exchange policy.

The ministry noted the closure of 40 accounts on social media platforms for deceiving consumers, during the past year 2021.

The ministry advised consumers to keep the purchase invoice to preserve their rights in the process of replacement and retrieval.

Many accounts of merchants on social media platforms, specialized in designing and selling women’s clothes, confirmed their refusal to return and replace completely if there were no manufacturing defects.


To enhance confidence in transactions relevant to e-commerce between the seller and the e-shopper, and to link the process of commercial benefit exchange under a reliable basis to be directly related to the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry has launched the “MAROOF” e-platform. It is a free service that enables the seller to easily reach a larger group of customers by marketing his store, using all means of communication reliably so that to link his store with the commercial registration. This e-platform also gives the online shopper a visualization of the quality of services provided to him by the e-stores. Therefore, he can view the customers’ opinions and assessments about the e-store, also he can present his experience together with his evaluation of the product.

“MAROOF” service and the stores registered in it undergo a periodic follow-up by the Ministry of Commerce to ensure that they don’t violate the Rules & Regulations, as all the Ministry’s regulations are applied on “MAROOF” service, especially those relevant to e-Commerce, Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and others.

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