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Saudi artist Zina Emad wins first place in Music Award

The young Saudi artist, Zina Emad, has achieved a huge achievement in the world of music and art. She won first place in the Music Award presented by the Saudi Ministry of Culture.

Saudi Zina expressed her great happiness at winning first place in the Music Award, amid many congratulations from top Saudi artists.

Director Hassan Saeed congratulated her, saying “Congratulations to the first place, Zina.” The theater and film actor Faisal Dokhi also commented on this award, saying, “Congratulations to Zina, you deserve.”

“Zeina” attracted the eyes and the ears of everyone since her public appearance during the past two years. She mastered the various Gulf and Egyptian dialects or accents.

She was also distinguished by presenting unique singing works of other artists with her voice or her works and lyrical, which achieved huge views and rapid spread.

For example, her song “law Ala Qalbi” “If You Are My Heart” has exceeded 9 million views on YouTube, and the song “Fadi Shweiya” has exceeded 6 million views on YouTube as well.

The Music Award, presented by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, aims to recognize Saudi musicians and artists with a passion for music over the age of 21.

It also works to refine, develop and motivate their talents by nominating the audience or presenting themselves through the online platform.

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