Saudi Aramco reviews its experience of sustainable development

Saudi Aramco participated in the activities of the Future Real Estate Forum, which took place from January 23-25, 2023, in Riyadh, under the title “Sustainable Development and Advancement of the Real Estate Sector”.


In a panel discussion on sustainable development in the real estate sector, Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Support Services at Saudi Aramco, Nabil bin Abdullah Al-Jamea, explained the company’s interest in the elements of sustainable development.

Caring for the elements of a sustainable life is at the core of Saudi Aramco’s interests. The Ajyal model project represents a practical embodiment of the company’s interest and commitment to meeting the highest environmental sustainability standards and requirements. This made it the first project to win the Envision Global Award for Sustainability, he said.

Al-Jameh also indicated that, within the framework of cooperation with the Eastern Region Municipality, the concept of sustainable development was strengthened in the Ajyal model project and attracted investment contracts with the private sector to establish multiple activity facilities, such as entertainment complexes, shops, central markets, educational facilities, and support services.

Al-Jameh continued: The project has an integrated infrastructure and international specifications characterized by technologies that rationalize water consumption in plant irrigation and indoor use.

He added that the project is distinguished by its alignment with the Quality of Life Program. This is one of the ambitious national vision programs, as the residential neighborhoods of Ajyal contain many green spaces.

There are walking paths in public parks throughout the neighborhoods, and public transportation is readily available. This enhances the quality of life that modern cities seek to achieve.

King Salman Energy City

Nabil Al-Jamea also reviewed the King Salman Energy City “Spark” project as another success model, in which the company fully adhered to environmental, social, and corporate governance standards in all its operations, and made sustainability an integral part of its identity, and thus was able to attract more than 40 major companies in the field of energy and technology.

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