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Saudi Arabia’s travel ban to the UAE has sparked debate on social media

Saudi Arabia extends visas for residents of countries prohibited from traveling with

In light of the emergence of Corona’s mutant, Saudi Arabia’s decision to prevent its nationals from travelling to the UAE, among other nations, prompted significant outrage on social media, with many expressing surprise at the move.

Former Dubai Deputy Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan asked: “Is the health system in the Emirates to confront Corona at the same level as health care in Afghanistan and Bangladesh?” – referring to countries that Saudi Arabia has also banned travel to. 

Meanwhile, Emirati journalist Saleh Al Jasmi published statistics showing the great effort made by the Emirates in fighting the epidemic.

In addition, Saudi media used a report published by the American CNBC agency that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain topped the global list of doses provided per 100 people at the beginning of 2021. Still, the data after six months showed different trends, as the UAE currently records nearly 2,000 infections per day, a higher number. 

The Saudi Ministry of Interior issued a decision banning its citizens from travelling to the UAE, Ethiopia, and Vietnam without obtaining prior permission from the concerned authorities.

The decision came out of the Kingdom’s government’s keenness on the safety of citizens wishing to travel abroad and in light of the continuing outbreak of the Coronavirus and the spread of a new mutated strain of the virus.

In turn, the Emirati newspaper Al-Bayan reported that Emirates Airlines would suspend all passenger flights to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until further notice, starting from Sunday.

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