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Saudi Arabia’s FII Conference in Riyadh Kicks off activities

Saudi Arabia’s FII Conference in Riyadh Kicks off activities
Saudi Arabia’s FII Conference in Riyadh Kicks off activities

The work of the Future Investment Initiative “FII” conference kicked off on Tuesday in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for 3 days, amid expectations of an exceptional summit.


The work of the sixth session of the Future Investment Initiative Conference began under the slogan “Investing in Humanity… Enabling a New World Order”, with the participation of 6000 participants from countries around the world, and 500 speakers from different sectors from inside and outside the Kingdom to talk about the prospects for the global economy and investment.



Over the next three days, 180 specialized sessions will be held, accompanied by 4 summits, on various topics that touch on human interests, starting with the sustainability of the planet and not ending with investing in space.


The launch of the “Future Investment Initiative” in Riyadh … the fifth edition



Today, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the CEO of the Future Investment Initiative Foundation, Richard Attias, as saying at the beginning of the conference that the sixth edition of the initiative will witness 180 sessions that will be held simultaneously, in addition to 30 workshops and four mini-summits distributed over the three days, to discuss important topics. Among them is balancing success with sustainability, geoeconomic rise, and equality in an unequal world.


Atias stressed the importance of collective action to achieve a significant impact on the areas of support for humanity, especially in light of the many difficult problems the world is facing and a new world order.


The Governor of the Public Investment Fund and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Future Investment Initiative Foundation, Yasser bin Othman Al-Rumayyan, stressed that the Future Investment Initiative is an engine for global cooperation with the importance of commitment to capabilities, most notably investing in humanity in a new world order.


Al-Rumayyan indicated that various industries such as telecommunications, health, the retail sector, and other sectors are among the main factors that contributed to the global movement, stressing that the Corona pandemic contributed to accelerating this industrial movement led us to exploit the available opportunities.




He explained that the initiative has developed a framework for governance and the social environment for new markets with a focus on measuring performance and the impact of environmental and social governance, noting that data is an important factor in the way to deal with global crises such as climate change and that Aramco, for example, was able to develop a new system that will be launched next year.



Al-Rumayyan stressed the need for the world to be open to innovation and the importance of investors being united to achieve long-term ambitions, pointing out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been able to make partnerships with international companies in full harmony to achieve sustainability in all parts of the world.


He also noted that the Public Investment Fund is the first sovereign fund to issue the first green bond, indicating that the voluntary carbon market is one of the most important markets in which investors and entrepreneurs must unite efforts to find educational opportunities for young people in the knowledge economy.



In its sixth edition, this year’s conference focuses on investing in humanity – a call to action under the theme “Investing in Humanity: Empowering a New World Order”.


The conference is being held by the Institute for the Future Investment Initiative (FII), a new global non-profit organization with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity.


Global, comprehensive, and committed to ESG principles, the institute encourages minds from around the world to turn ideas into real-world solutions in five critical areas: artificial intelligence, robotics, education, healthcare, and sustainability.


Over three days, the conference will host four specialized summits and 180 sessions by global leaders from various sectors.


The first day will witness a discussion by a group of Nobel laureates who will try to find sustainable solutions to meet the basic needs of the world’s population.


Also, Ray Dalio, global economic figure and founder and co-chair of Bridgewater Associates, will speak about the challenges that the new world order brings, as well as the opportunities it creates, such as creating an economic system that improves the quality of life for the citizens around them.




In addition, the first summit of the conference will be held on the first day under the theme “Clash of Generations”, to manage the shape of jobs and future investment in an era of transition between the old, current, and future generations, which have arisen in a more digital and socially heavier life.





The agenda of the second day of the conference will include the “New Energy Economy” summit, and the speakers will exchange their views on the current situation in the energy industry and the role of the financial sector and the global economy in the sustainability of energy of all kinds.





The third and final day of the conference will witness two specialized summits on the rise of cryptocurrency, and the future of Africa.





Also, one of the most important sessions will be devoted to China, to discuss why China is a major investment ally in the Middle East.


Other notable speakers at the event include:



– Yasser Al-Rumayyan – Governor of the Public Investment Fund and President of Saudi Aramco.



Princess Rima bint Bandar Al Saud – Saudi Ambassador to the United States.




– Jamie Dimon – President and CEO of JPMorgan Chase.




– Jennifer Johnson – President and CEO Franklin Templeton.



David M. Solomon – Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs.




– Catherine McGregor – CEO of Engie.



– Sarah Munkar – Founder and CEO of Gro Intelligence.



Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, CEO of Mubadala Group.



– Stephen Schwarzman – CEO, Blackstone Group.



– John Studzinski CBE – Vice President of PIMCO.



– Barry Sternlicht – Co-Founder, President, and CEO, Starwood Capital Group.



– Christine Tsai – 500 Global Co-Founder and CEO.



– Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol – Secretary General of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.



– Shimara Wickramanayake – CEO, Macquarie Oceania Group.




Sir Michael Arthur, President of Boeing International.




– Patrice Keane – Chairman and CEO of Thales Group.

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