Saudi Arabian-African Economic Conference to be Launched Next Thursday

The Saudi Arabian-African Economic Conference is slated to commence on the morning of Thursday, 9th November 2023, in Riyadh, marking a significant step towards bolstering economic ties between Saudi Arabia, Arab, and African nations​.

​The gathering is a testament to the fostering of multi-regional collaborations, reflecting on the broader aspirations of economic symbiosis and sustainable development.

Conference Overview

The Economic Conference is organized under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian government, embodying a platform where leaders, decision-makers, and a select group of officials from Saudi Arabia, Arab, and African countries will converge.

The dialogue is expected to span across the governmental and private sectors, including commercial unions, international organizations, and notable individuals from academic and intellectual circles.

Aims of Conference

The conference aims to solidify the trilateral partnership among Saudi Arabia, Arab, and African nations in various economic and investment domains.

Key focus areas include ensuring food security, enhancing agricultural, industrial, mining, and trading partnerships, and forging new alliances between Saudi Arabian and African entities.

Additionally, the conference aims to provide a platform for exporters and importers from both regions to explore collaborative opportunities, particularly in the energy sector to foster economic growth​​.

In the programmed seven sessions, the conference will delve into sustainable energy partnerships, food security, investment in business development, infrastructure, human capital, industry, mining, leveraging tourism for growth, and enhancing cooperation for sustainable development.

The discussions are set to be enriched by the participation of dignitaries, decision-makers in the economic, financial, and investment sectors, shedding light on the cooperative frameworks that could be fortified to achieve the outlined objectives​​.

Investment Opportunities

The Economic Conference will serve as a venue for international and regional banks, institutions, and development funds to crystallize their ideas and projects through dialogues and discussions.

It presents an opportunity to highlight the investment opportunities of Saudi Arabia and African countries, underscoring the potential for mutual economic growth and sustainable investment​.

The Saudi Arabian-African Economic Conference is a monumental stride towards nurturing economic relationships and sustainable development across Saudi Arabia, Arab, and African nations.

As delegates prepare to convene, the anticipation mirrors a broader vision of achieving economic synergy and sustainable growth across the regions.

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