Saudi Arabia Uses Robots to Guide Pilgrims in Grand Mosque

The Presidency of Religious Affairs activated the smart guidance robot in the Grand Mosque to provide fatwa services with simultaneous translation in 11 international languages, reported Akhbaar 24.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs invested on modern technology and artificial intelligence in improving the services provided to the pilgrims, as a pivotal focus in its strategies.

It uses smart robots to guide pilgrims on how to perform rituals and to provide fatwas about the Two Holy Mosques electronically, in accordance with the teachings of Islamic Sharia.

The robot has a 21-inch touch screen, which can be used to provide a number of services of interest to those visiting the Grand Mosque, such as directing, counseling, and expressing opinions. The robot also contains 4 wheels equipped with a smart stopping system that allows it to move smoothly.

It is has a front and bottom camera system with high resolution, which can take a surround photograph of the place, headphones with high sound clarity, and a microphone with high capture quality that allows for clear transmission of sound.

The guidance robot operates using 11 international languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Malay, Urdu, Chinese, Bengali, and Hausa.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia has launched smart robot service in the Central Area in Madinah to assist pilgrims who visit the Prophet’s Mosque during Hajj 2024, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

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