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Saudi Arabia to start local manufacturing of drones

Saudi Arabia to start manufacturing of drones
Saudi Arabia to start manufacturing of drones

The General Authority for Military Industries announced the signing of a contract with the Saudi Military Industries Company to develop (a drone), intending to develop a regional and international leading technical innovation base through the development, manufacture, and localization of unmanned aircraft systems.

The Saudi Military Industries Company also signed an agreement with the Prince Sultan Center for Defense Studies and Research to collaborate on the development of the aircraft, which is one of the outcomes of several research and development projects at the center. They aimed at producing a national product that meets the needs of the beneficiaries and will contribute to acclimating Saudi Arabia to the 21st century. This will achieve the main goal of localizing more than 50% of the Kingdom’s spending on military equipment and services by 2030.

Engineer Ahmed Al-Ohali, the Governor of the General Authority for Military Industries, stated that signing the contract for the development of the Airspace Guard aircraft will help raise the military readiness of the Kingdom’s defense system, increase field service, and technical support response. It will also create highly skilled job opportunities for Saudi competencies.

Engineer Walid Abu Khaled, CEO of the Saudi Arabian Military Industry Company, said that the signing of the contract for the construction of the Airspace Guard is a significant step forward in the Kingdom’s efforts to localize its military and defense industries.

It’s worth emphasizing that the General Authority for Military Industries collaborates with all of its local and international partners to accelerate the process of localization in the military sector, to localize more than 50% of military spending by 2030, as stated in the Kingdom’s vision.

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