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Saudi Arabia to Establish Centre for Whistleblowers Protection

Saudi Attorney General and Chairman of the Council of Public Prosecutions, Sheikh Saud Al-Mujib, has approved the establishment of the Center for the Protection of Whistleblowers, Witnesses, Experts, and Victims, according to Saudi Gazette.

This approval is the actual implementation of Article Four of the Law for the Protection of Whistleblowers, Witnesses, Experts, and Victims.

A few years ago, the Shoura Council approved the draft law to protect those who are at risk for providing information on crimes, paving the way for the final approval by the Cabinet.

Consequently, the Saudi Council of Ministers gave its approval on February 13.

The law grants judicial authorities the powers to provide the necessary protection for concerned persons and their family members from any threat, including assault, retaliation, intimidation, and others.

It clarifies that those mentioned are entitled to get all or some of the types of protection stipulated in Article 14 of the law, which are: security protection, concealing personal data and everything that indicates their identity; and transferring them from their place of work — temporarily or permanently.

In addition, the judicial authorities will help them get alternative work, providing legal, psychological and social guidance, giving them the means to immediately report any danger threatening them or any of the people closely related to them, changing their phone numbers and place of residence. The authorities will also take measures to ensure their safe movement, including providing them with a security escort or residence or financial support.

Furthermore, it indicates that any behavior considered as a felony on those under protection, shall be punished with criminal penalties, including imprisonment for a maximum period of three years, and a fine that may reach SR5 million.

To enhance their security, the law enables the protected persons to submit protection requests to the center, subject to certain procedures, terms and conditions.

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