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Saudi Arabia to construct 6 towers and 70 camps for pilgrims this year

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has allocated six towers and 70 camps to accommodate pilgrims in Mina for Hajj this year.

The authority took all precautionary and preventive measures to preserve the safety of pilgrims.

That was mentioned to, a member of the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah, Hani Al-Amiri, who added in a press statement: “An area of ​​4.37 square meters will be allocated for one pilgrim in the distinctive hospitality package in Mina Towers.

The service area has been increased, and an area of ​​4 square meters will be allocated for one pilgrim in the hospitality package in Mina camps.

Security guards have been assigned to organize the process of pilgrims entering and leaving the camps and towers to ensure the application of visual and thermal screening procedures while in Mina on the day of Tarwiyah and the days of Tashreeq.

It is noteworthy that Mina is located within the boundaries of the Haram between Mecca and Muzdalifah, 7km north-east of the Grand Mosque, and mountains surround it on the northern and southern sides.

Mash’ar Mina is only inhabited during the Hajj period, and Jamarat Al-Aqaba borders it from the direction of Mecca and the side by the Shaar of Muzdalifah in Wadi Muhassar.

In Mina, pilgrims stay overnight on Dhul-Hijjah nights of the 9th, 11th and 12th – and the night of the 13th for those late.

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