Saudi Arabia stets 7 pillars of the Institutional Funding Program for Scientific Research in Universities

The Saudi Council of Ministers decided recently to introduce an item “scientific research” within the budget of the Ministry of Education for the current fiscal year 2022, from which the disbursement will be allocated to the “institutional funding program to support scientific research and development in universities.”

The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, said, through his account on Twitter, that this decision is an extension of the leadership’s permanent support for education and scientific research, and it enables excellence, leadership, and global competition for researchers in Saudi universities.

The ministry revealed seven pillars of the program, which include scientific research and development in 30 Saudi universities, namely, Funding according to the research strategies and identities of universities related to regional needs and research and innovation priorities, directing funding for research projects with economic, development and social impact, promoting innovation, and commercializing technology through the diversity of projects. funded through the program.

The pillars also included subjecting the funded research projects to study and evaluation with accuracy and declared transparency, defining funding budgets for all universities following performance agreements concluded between them and the ministry.

The ministry indicated that the importance of the program is to raise the quality of scientific publishing and maximize its impact, convert patents granted to Saudi universities into economic products, and increase cooperation at the local level, whether between universities each other or with local research institutions or with the private sector.

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