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Saudi Arabia sends 1st international shipment of blue ammonia to Korea

Saudi Arabia sends 1st international shipment of blue ammonia to Korea
Saudi Arabia sends 1st international shipment of blue ammonia to Korea

A commercial shipment of 50,000 metric tons of approved blue ammonia left Saudi Arabia, bound for South Korea, according to what was announced during the “Saudi Green Initiative” conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, in a new achievement in terms of developing carbon removal solutions.


Carrying 25,000 metric tons of independently certified low-carbon blue ammonia, the Sea Server is expected to reach its destination between December 9-13.


This achievement represents an extremely significant step on the road to using low-carbon alternative fuels to traditional gray ammonia. It comes within the framework of cooperation that extends across the value chain between “SABIC Agro-Nutrients” and (Aramco). The shipment will be received by Lotte Fine Chemical.


Commenting on this step, Eng. Abdul Rahman Shams El Din, CEO of SABIC Agro-Nutrients, confirmed that the shipment represents a monumental milestone in the company’s march towards achieving carbon neutrality, expressing the company’s pride in its contribution to this pioneering solution that paves the way towards enhancing carbon removal solutions.


Regarding the future outlook, Shams El-Din affirmed the continuation of work to find innovative solutions to remove carbon from the company’s assets and provide low-carbon solutions to its customers.


Young Suk Kim, CEO of Lotte Fine Chemical Company, expressed his happiness at concluding this distinguished agreement with a supplier with whom his company has extended relations. This agreement will enable his company to obtain the first shipment of blue ammonia approved globally.


Kim stressed his company’s aspiration to move forward to the new era of ammonia in cooperation with “SABIC for Agro-Nutrients”, explaining that this shipment of blue ammonia will establish a global supply chain.


Earlier this year, SABIC and Aramco obtained the world’s first independent certifications recognizing the production of blue ammonia and green hydrogen from TÜV Rheinland. This is a leading independent system testing, inspection, and certification services company, headquartered in Germany. The blue ammonia shipment sent to South Korea is the first shipment to benefit from this distinguished accreditation.


These achievements come in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which stresses the need to move to fuel products, materials, low-carbon solutions, and clean energy.


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