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Saudi Arabia recycles pilgrims’ ihrams through the “Mowan” initiative

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The Saudi National Center for Waste Management “Mowan” highlighted the initiative to recycle the Ihrams for Hajj 2022, to benefit from it again.

The center explained that efforts have joined forces to recycle the sanctuaries.

it pointed out that the initiative began with the cooperation of pilgrims in handing over their ihram, and ended with recycling them to benefit from them again.

“Mowan” published a video clip, of efforts to collect the ihram from the pilgrims’ camps after dissolving them,

The Ihrams are then sorted, sterilized, washed, placed in transparent bags, and the damaged ones are repaired for further use.

As part of its first participation in the work of the 2022 Hajj season, “Mowan” took the initiative to raise awareness and enrich positive behaviors among pilgrims.

It also activated the waste recycling initiative, to preserve the environment and sustainably protect it from the causes of

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