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Saudi Arabia: New quarantine conditions for people coming from abroad

Saudi female business leaders inspire the future of business
Saudi female business leaders inspire the future of business

By: Marwa Mahmoud

Last Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the launch of the introduction of a new system for those arriving from outside the Kingdom, where they will be quarantined in their homes under some restrictions.

He added that this process starts immediately after the arrival of the people by applying the health screening at the airport then filling the undertaking and then returning to their homes to carry out the undertaking.

One of home quarantine conditions is the separation of the person who is infected or suspected of having at home, and in the current state of (Covid-19) the quarantine is imposed in certain cases and all cases are recorded and followed up through the application of “Ttmn” and “Twaklna”.

The guide also defined cases requiring home quarantine, isolation for positive cases, cases excluded from isolation and the mechanism of ending medical isolation.

It included the conditions for the place designated for the quarantine, as well as tips for isolation at home, in addition to protective instructions for individuals living with the patient in the home.

The Ministry renewed the recommendation for everyone who has symptoms, or wants to evaluate, to use the self-assessment service “Mawed” application or visit “Ttmn” clinics.

Health Ministry has prepared those apps to serve those who feel symptoms of corona virus, there are 214 clinics, or Call the 937 Center for Consultations and Inquiries around the clock, and through the WhatsApp application via the number 920005937.

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