Idris Elba’s digital interview with Ithra

By : Marwa Mahmoud

In a Q&A session, Idris Elba British actor shared his experiences and advice with Saudi actors and filmmakers trying to make their way into the growing sector.

Ithra, the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture, has organized the first of its online speaker series, ‘Ithra Talks,’ broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Centre.

Ali Al-Sumay, director and producer in Saudi, moderated the hour-long talk. Elba has talked extensively about his experience in acting and directing.

He advised the ambitious young actors and directors and expressed his gratitude for the fans he had in the Kingdom.

“I was very delighted to see that I have a follow-up in Saudi Arabia. I am very proud to have such moments with you at this time. I think our world needs to talk to each other a little more, and it’s special for me to invite you guys here at this point, “he said.

  He added “you can have a very successful performance in a very small film or show. You can have a successful career where everyone knows who you are, and that version of it is no different from the smaller version in terms … of how much you need to apply yourself as an actor. I felt like I was successful in the first play I ever did because everyone said it was great. To me that was success. That feeling of success is replicated at the highest level, but it is the same feeling”.

Elba advised young actor saying “Anything you do, you have to apply yourself. You have to do well. You have to do it with conviction …Disappear into another character, another psyche. If you do that time and time again, in different characters, in my opinion, that’s successful,” he said.

He declared his surprise of the warm welcome at KSA and his willingness of planning for another trip

“I didn’t have enough time to visit, but I found that Saudi was incredibly warm and welcoming to me, in a surprising way, if I’m honest. I wasn’t sure if my work had ever resonated in Saudi. My trip was very quick and brief, but I found it very warm and welcoming, one day I will come to Saudi again and see everyone”

He said “I was very surprised to understand that I have a following in Saudi. I’m very proud that I had this moment with you at this time.”

At the end of talk Elba ended the by thanking Ithra for hosting him and the audience for tuning in. He promised to return to Saudi Arabia as soon as possible.

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