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Saudi Arabia Leads Historic Saudi-African Summit for Regional Cooperation

Saudi-African Summit
Saudi-African Summit

At the gracious invitation of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi-African Summit was held on Friday, in Riyadh. This historic summit, aimed at fostering relations in various fields, marks a significant turn in Africa’s ties with Saudi Arabia, the heart of the Islamic world.

Political Dialogue & Consensus

Focusing on Palestine and Humanitarian Issues

African leaders expressed satisfaction with the fruitful dialogue and consensus on regional and international issues. They renewed commitment to enhancing cooperation based on strategic partnership, shared interests, and historical, geographical, and cultural ties.

Saudi-African Summit: Deepening Economic Ties

Saudi Arabia’s Developmental Role in Africa

The summit’s political agenda focused on developments in Palestine and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Leaders emphasized the need to halt military operations in the occupied Palestinian territories. They called for protecting civilians, and pressure Israel to stop attacks and forced displacement in Gaza.

Collaborating in Renewable Energy and Efficiency

Economically, leaders discussed deepening historical ties, with Saudi Arabia having provided over $45 billion in developmental support to 46 African countries over 50 years. They applauded the $45 billion trade volume in 2022 and stressed enhancing trade and economic cooperation, including in sectors like industry, mining, and non-oil exports.

Cultural and Civilizational Coexistence

Enhancing Saudi African Cultural Exchange

In energy, African nations acknowledged Saudi Arabia’s role in global oil market stability and expressed eagerness to explore cooperation in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

New Era of Saudi-Arabian Leadership in African Cooperation

Culturally, leaders underlined the importance of fostering civilizational coexistence and human tolerance, with a focus on cultural exchange and joint initiatives in sports, youth, and media.

The Saudi-African Summit concluded with a commitment to further collaboration in various sectors, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s leading role in the regional and international arena and its respect in the global community.

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