Saudi Arabia Hosts Final Event of IMO CARES 2023 /2024 Project in London

Saudi Arabia has collaborated with the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) and hosted the final event of the IMO CARES Project 2023-2024 in London, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The IMO CARES (Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping) is a promising subject fully funded by Saudi Arabia to help the developing countries meet the IMO Energy Efficiency and IMO GHG Strategy targets.

Furthermore, the project’s main objective is to accelerate the global deployment of the green technologies to facilitate the blue economic growth in developing regions.

Besides, Saudi Arabia hosted the event on the sidelines of the 74th session of the Technical Cooperation Committee in the presence of 30 delegates from four countries selected for the IMO CARES Marine Global Technology Challenge.

Also, the initiative mirrors Saudi Arabia’s commitment to boost North-South cooperation aimed at achieving the IMO’s goals of decarbonizing greenhouse gases.

IMO CARES Project Activities

The IMO CARES Project has four key activities, as follows:

  • Maritime Technology Global Challenge

This is a global challenge designed to create technological solutions in Africa and Caribbean.

  • Knowledge Network

The officials created a stakeholder network to support the activities of the IMO CARES Project.

  • CARES Connects Networking Event

This is a one-day networking event designed to strengthen communication and relations between countries and technology providers.

  • IMO CARES Technology Report

The report represents an overview of the current energy-efficient technologies being deployed in the maritime sector in developing countries.

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