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London University Appoints Al-Harithi in Advisory Council

The Middle East Institute at the University of London announced Dr. Ghada Al-Harithi’s appointment to its Global Advisory Council. Recognized for her expertise in innovation, Arab and global culture, Al-Harithi’s selection follows years of achievements. She has notably enhanced Saudi-British cultural relations through her consultancy with international firms in London. Her contributions in global culture, arts, and heritage earned her the 2022 Al-Rawabi Award.

Al-Rawabi Award

The Al-Rawabi Award, presented annually by the Saudi-British Friendship Association, acknowledges individuals enhancing Saudi-British relations in various sectors. Besides this recognition, Al-Harithi also serves as a youth advisor at Chatham House and a Middle East council consultant at the University of London.

Middle East Institute’s Mission and Focus

The Institute aims to foster innovative engagement in the Middle East through research and outreach in arts, culture, history, environment, energy, political economy, and public policy. Al-Harithi’s role aligns with these objectives.

Dr. Ghada Al-Harithi’s Commitment, Contributions

In an interview with “WAS”, Dr. Al-Harithi emphasized her dedication to developing mutual dialogue and research across various disciplines. She focuses on enhancing collaboration between Western and Middle Eastern educational, scientific, and cultural institutions, particularly those in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Her work primarily involves consultancy on major projects, aiming to raise international awareness about the Middle East.

Regular Visits, Cultural Engagements

Al-Harithi regularly visits areas in Saudi Arabia for consultancy in heritage, archaeology, culture, and arts. These visits are part of her ongoing commitment to cultural and academic exchange.

Academic Role at Central Saint Martins

Dr. Ghada Al-Harithi is an associate professor of innovation and culture at Central Saint Martins, part of the University of London’s College of Arts. In addition, educated in Britain at all study levels, she leverages her experience to foster scientific and cultural exchange between her homeland and Britain. She actively organizes relevant conferences and collaborates with cultural institutions in Britain, France, and other European countries.

Dr. Al-Harithi’s Contributions to International Partnerships

Dr. Al-Harithi has played a significant role in establishing partnerships. She collaborated with top research centers, cultural institutions, museums, global companies, and media. Moreover, these efforts were part of Central Saint Martins University‘s strategy. Her work focused on promoting collaboration and creative thinking. The aim was to achieve sustainable development goals and tackle global challenges innovatively.

Academic Research, Global Engagement

In 2024, Dr. Al-Harithi was involved in a joint project for students. This project also was part of the Innovation Management and Master’s in Communication programs at the University of the Arts London. It fostered cooperation and creative thinking for sustainable development.

Dr. Ghada has presented research on AlUla, Diriyah, and NEOM. She has been involved with universities like Cambridge and the University of London for Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, her recommendations were discussed in research centers like Stanford’s Social Innovation Center and the Atlantic Council Research Center in Washington. Her projects and research mainly focus on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Role of Culture, Arts in International Relations

Dr. Al-Harithi views culture and arts as a global platform. She also believes they can enhance international relations at individual and government levels. She has been applying several effective strategies in her work. These include participating in global platforms, contributing to international conferences, and cultural events. These efforts enhance interaction, exchange experiences, and foster dialogue between different cultures. She also focuses on developing diplomatic communication skills and understanding different languages for better mutual understanding and cooperation.

Impact of Hosting Expo 2030

In conclusion, Dr. Al-Harithi highlighted the significant impact of Saudi Arabia hosting Expo 2030. She anticipates it will greatly enhance international cooperation in various aspects. This event is expected to stimulate research and partnerships both locally and globally.

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