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Saudi Arabia hopes that the Taliban will maintain stability in Afghanistan

The Saudi Foreign Ministry stated that the Kingdom is interested in following up on current developments in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s entry into Kabul, the Afghan capital, and expresses its wish for stability to existing as soon as possible.

The Saudi government hopes that the Taliban movement and all Afghan parties will work to preserve security, stability, lives, and property,” and that it “affirms its support for the brotherly Afghan people and their choices that they make themselves without interference from anyone.”

Saudi Arabia has announced the return to their homeland of personnel of its diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, following their departure due to the insecurity and present situation in the country.

Afghanistan is important to Saudi Arabia. Last June, Saudi Arabia sponsored the “Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan” conference in Makkah, which brought together senior officials and experts from Afghanistan and Pakistan to deepen reconciliation between the Afghan parties and create the groundwork for peace in the nation.

Saudi Arabia places a high value on Afghanistan.

 Saudi Arabia sponsored a meeting in Makkah last June called the “Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan,” which brought together prominent leaders and specialists from Afghanistan and Pakistan to deepen reconciliation and lay the basis for peace in the country.

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