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Taliban defines the features of the rule of the “Islamic Emirate”

After the Taliban organization gained control of Afghanistan and the capital, Kabul, spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid declared the characteristics of the rule of the “Islamic Emirate.”

The Taliban spokesperson opened the news conference by congratulating Afghans on the Taliban’s triumph and “gain of freedom” after 20 years of “battle,” emphasizing that the Taliban “does not desire adversaries or war,” as he phrased it.

According to Zabihullah Mujahid, “This is a win for the entire country.”I would want to congratulate everyone,” he said, adding, “This nation will be a part of history.” Every country has a genuine claim to independence.”

“This is our right and we are pleased to have earned this right after 20 years of effort to cleanse the occupation,” the Taliban spokesperson continued.

Zabihullah Mujahid attempted to reassure Afghans by saying that all Taliban fighters will be “pardoned,” and that the organization “does not want to resume any struggle or war.”

He said, “Afghanistan should not be used as a battleground. Today was the last day of combat, the Islamic Emirate has no hostility with anyone, and the enmity has ceased,” he said.

The Taliban’s spokesperson said the move would create an inclusive Islamic government and promised to “defend women’s rights according to Islamic law.” He also said the movement would not seek vengeance against journalists or Afghans who collaborated with foreign troops and international organizations.

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