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Saudi Arabia for the first-time trains 60 girls for the fishing profession

Saudi female business leaders inspire the future of business
Saudi female business leaders inspire the future of business

For the first time in the Kingdom, 60 females have been accepted into a project to qualify for the fishing profession, according to Musa Al-Kinani, executive vice president of the Saudi National Fisheries Development Program.

Al-Kinani added that the number of Saudi women who were accepted in the project reached 60 girls.

They will be trained in the “Holoul” track specialized in sales and marketing of fish products by experts and specialists in the field for the first time.

Al-Kinani emphasized that the ministry has numerous strategic plans that help to create job opportunities for young people. “The program aims to train and qualify Saudi youth for the fishing profession,” he said.

He emphasized that there are four programs to localize various occupations and rehabilitate young people, including the professions of beekeepers, fishermen, livestock breeders, and farmers.

Regarding the fishing profession, Al-Kinani explained that the profession was divided into 4 main sectors, three outside the sea, in addition to the fishing sector inside the sea.

He revealed that 90% of the targets in the third sector, “marketing,” are female and that the last sector, “support services and operation”, aims to provide the necessary services for boats that do not have access to port services.

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