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Saudi Arabia condemns the Turkish escalation in Libya

Saudi Arabia announced, on Sunday, its rejection and condemnation of the recent Turkish escalation in the Libyan issue, condemning the approval of the Turkish Parliament to send military forces to Libya

Saudi Arabia confirmed that it considered this as a violation of the Security Council resolutions issued on Libya and undermining international efforts to solve the Libyan crisis as well as a violation of the Arab position adopted by the Arab League Council on December 31, 2019, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Saudi Arabia noted that this Turkish escalation constitutes a threat to security and stability in Libya and to Arab and regional security, as it is interference in the internal affairs of an Arab country in flagrant violation of international principles and covenants.

Earlier, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, warned against the consequences of sending foreign military forces to Libya, apparently in reference to Turkey, which intends to take such a step.

Guterres said in a statement on Friday, that “any foreign support for the warring parties” in Libya “will only deepen the conflict” in this country, according to “AFP”.

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