Saudi Arabia Clinches Victory in 9th Arab Military Taekwondo Championship

Saudi Arabia has once again demonstrated its athletic prowess by securing the top spot at the Ninth Arab Military Taekwondo Championship. Hosted at the King Fahd Airbase in Taif, the event drew participation from nine member nations of the Arab Military Sports Federation. With a staggering score of 696 points, the Saudi team emerged victorious, underscoring the nation’s continued commitment to enhancing its sports profile on the global stage.

The Successful Conclusion of the Arab Military Taekwondo Championship

The Arab Military Taekwondo Championship showcased the skill, strength, and spirit of the participating teams. The tournament not only provided an opportunity for military athletes to excel in their sport but also fostered camaraderie and friendship among the participating nations. The event was attended by esteemed dignitaries, including Major General Khaled Al-Shaiba, the Commander of the Taif Military Region, and Brigadier General Youssef Desmal Al-Kawari, the President of the Arab Military Sports Union and the Director of the Qatari Military Union.

Recognizing the Victors and Celebrating Achievements

At the closing ceremony of the championship, Major General Khaled Al-Shaiba, along with Brigadier General Youssef Desmal Al-Kawari, and Colonel Sultan Al-Shahri, the Director of the Sports Affairs Department of the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, honored the top three teams and presented the championship trophy to the victorious Saudi team. The ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests, including Colonel Abdulnasser Ali Aoun from Libya, a member of the executive office of the Arab Military Sports Union, Counselor Mohamed Lamine Dah, the Head of the Military Sports Department at the Arab League, and Major Tad Bud from Iraq, representing the Union’s Media Committee. Captain Mohamed Ayoub Al-Kathiri represented the Union’s Technical Committee, and Mr. Ali Gad Mohamed served as the Union’s Financial Manager.

Promoting Unity through Sports

Brigadier General Youssef Desmal Al-Kawari expressed his appreciation for the high level of competition witnessed during the championship. He commended the participating Arab nations for their strong sense of sportsmanship and unity, exemplifying the motto of the Arab Military Sports Union: “Brotherhood through Sports.” Brigadier General Youssef Desmal Al-Kawari also extended his gratitude to His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia, for his continuous support in organizing and hosting the championship, as well as for his ongoing support of the activities and initiatives of the Arab Military Sports Union.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Arab Military Sports

The Arab Military Taekwondo Championship serves as a testament to the commitment and dedication of the participating nations to promote sportsmanship, physical fitness, and international cooperation. The event not only strengthens the bonds between Arab countries but also highlights the importance of military athletes in the field of sports. The Arab Military Sports Union continues to play a vital role in organizing and supporting such championships, fostering a spirit of unity and camaraderie among its member nations.


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