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Saudi Taekwondo player Donia Abu Talib … A Role Model for youngsters

Saudi taekwondo player Donia Abu Talib ... A Role Model for youngsters

Saudi Donia Abu Talib made history in the world of sports when she won the bronze medal in the 53 kg weight class at the 25th Taekwondo Championships held in South Korea, becoming the first Saudi woman to win an Asian medal.

Saudi national team player Donia Abu Talib said that her love for taekwondo had a great impact on her superiority and victory, explaining that the participations give her experience.

She said that this achievement will be followed by another, which confirms that Saudi women can compete internationally and achieve continuous success.

about the most difficult moments she experienced, she explained that it was her first time in the Asian Championship and that the competition was great with the participation of Asian countries,

Donia had already competed against more experienced players, but she had a strong sense of confidence in succeeding. She survived the anxious stage and was able to overcome challenges with tenacity and resolve to triumph and raise the flag of the Kingdom high.

She mentioned that combat games empty negative energy and boost self-confidence and character strength as the main draws for the female audience in self-defense and combat games.

Regarding the reactions after achieving the bronze medal, she said that the calls did not stop to congratulate her as the first Saudi woman to achieve a continental achievement.

This was a source of happiness, pride, and greater energy for her to continue, feel responsible, and encourage the Saudi female component to practice combat sports.

Regarding the role of the Russian coach, Qurban, in raising the technical level of the players, she stated that the presence of this coach was influential in raising the level of the players through intensive exercises and camps.

She explained that the first support started from her father, may God have mercy on him, and her mother and her family, who stood by her side to achieve victory.

Brigadier General Shaddad, the commander of the Union of Forces, gave her his support and gave her instructions on how to take advantage of all opportunities and win the battle. He was a big supporter of the female component.

She stressed that she will continue to have the same weight to keep her rank close to the best players in the world, and she aspires to achieve international leadership.

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