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Saudi Arabia begins testing a new technology to cool the roads

The Saudi Roads Authority revealed the start of a new technical experiment to cool the roads in the country, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom.


The authority stated on Twitter that, in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, it had begun “experimenting with the research study on cooling asphalt surfaces.”


As for the reason for this experiment, it goes back to “the methods absorbing the temperature during the day, and the methods scientifically re-release this heat at night.


This absorption sometimes leads to road temperatures reaching 70 degrees Celsius.


This causes a scientific phenomenon called the ‘heat island phenomenon’ that leads to an increase in energy consumption and air pollution,” according to the authority.


In order to address this phenomenon, KSA started experimenting the cold sidewalks.


These are several homemade materials that are able to absorb and reflect smaller amounts of solar radiation.


This experiment will help its surface temperature become lower than that of traditional pavements, according to the authority.


This experiment aims to reduce the temperature in neighborhoods and residential areas, reduce the energy used to cool buildings, and reduce the effects of climate change.


This technology also contributes to providing a more comfortable environment in waiting areas and areas where people congregate.


the experiment is part of a package of scientific experiments that KSA is implementing with the aim of improving the experience of road users.

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