Saudi Arabia announces the start of manufacturing electric cars

Muhammad Al-Khorayef, a member of the Saudi Exports Authority’s Board of Directors announced that the Kingdom has begun manufacturing electric cars

a big wave of activity was noticed on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia after this news.

Some questioned the veracity of the announcement, while others expressed their excitement at the feat.

According to the Al-Ekhbariya channel, Muhammad Al-Khorayef, a member of the Saudi Exports Authority’s Board of Directors, Kingdom has begun producing electric cars.

He noted that “a very strong industrial base may be developed upon an immense capacity in terms of financial capabilities, in addition to our capacity in human resources.”

“Now we have started to build automobiles as an entry point since they are appealing to other industries, particularly the electric car industry,” he continued.

“Linking Saudi Arabia’s mining business with the electric car industry, such as metals, aluminum, lithium, and other materials, will have a place in the world in the Saudi industry,” he stated.

The Kingdom exports to 176 nations, according to Al-Khorayef, with petrochemicals and foodstuffs being the most popular items.

“Saudi products have a presence and reliability in global markets,” he continued, “and among the nations to which the Kingdom sells are the Group of Twenty, the Middle East, and Africa.”

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