Saudi Arabia announces that no infection with Omicron has been detected so far

According to the Saudi Ministry of Health, Corona’s activity has resumed as a result of some countries’ failure to achieve high vaccination rates with the vaccine.

Saudi Health said that 47 million doses of vaccination had been given in the Kingdom so far, in a news briefing about the progress of Corona locally and the mutant “Omicron” globally.

It confirmed that the Kingdom’s curves of Corona injuries are stable.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Health Authority described the novel mutant “Omicron” in great detail.

Vaccines are one of the most essential ways to defend against new Corona mutations, according to the article.

So yet, no cases of the new mutant “Omicron” have been found in Saudi Arabia, according to the country’s government.

It was also agreed to stop permitting non-nationals from the aforementioned nations to enter the Kingdom, except for those who spent at least 14 days in another country where health procedures in the Kingdom enable access to those who follow recognized health processes.

All excluded groups from certain countries, including citizens of the Kingdom, shall be subjected to the whole permitted institutional quarantine procedures for 5 days, regardless of their immunization status.

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