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Saudi Arabia 2nd Arab Military & 17th Worldwide in Strength Ranking

Description: نتيجة بحث الصور عن Saudi Arab military

In terms of the most powerful militaries in the world the US ranked first, closely followed by Saudi Arabia which ranked second in the Arab world and 17 worldwide, according to the Global Fire Power ranking for 2021.

Global Fire Power’s website categorized it on 50 factors that contributed to the advancement or delay of armies, including military and material capacity, in addition to logistical and geographical factors.

 The classification is conducted according to an index that reflects the army’s strength, so the lower the number, the higher the strength index, meaning that the best armies will have a strength index of 0.000

The ten most powerful countries in terms of their armies appeared as follows: the US, with a strength index of 0.0718; Russia, with a strength index of 0.0791; China, with a strength index of 0.0854; India, with a strength index of 0.1207; Japan, with a strength index of 0.1599; South Korea, with a strength index of 0.1612; France, With a strength index of 0.1681; the United Kingdom, with a strength index of 0.1997; Brazil, with a strength index of 0.2026, and Pakistan, with a strength index of 0.2073.

The ranking showed Turkey at 11th, while Iran ranked at 14. Israel ranked 20th in the list.

Egypt achieved the first place in the Arab world in terms of the strength of its army, and appeared in the 13th place in the world ranking, retreating from its previous classification. Saudi Arabia came as the second most powerful Arab country militarily, and as number 17 in the world.
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