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Maram Al-Ju’id launches book on Speaking Arabic Sign Language

The linguistics researcher and writer Maram Al-Ju’id launched her book on the linguistics of the sign languages. She presented her book, “Let us Point Fluently in Saudi Sign Language,” during a conference held recently by the Sawahel Entrepreneur Media Company via the Internet.

Al-Ju’id thanked the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jazirah Coast, Mrs. Al-Jawhara Al-Atishan. She thanked all the employees of the company for their support, and thanked them for attending the conference.

The book “To Point Fluently in the Saudi Sign Language” is one of the results of her initiative “My Language My Identity.” She is hoping that it will be a useful book and can serve as a scientific reference for readers, researchers, teachers, parents and all those working with the deaf.

 Al-Ju’id explained that the aim of the book is to introduce the most important rules of the Saudi Sign Language for the deaf and their culture, as they are an integral part of our dear society and of the sons and daughters of this dear country.

She made sure that the rules of Saudi Sign language are based on scientific foundations, by studying the Saudi deaf community, whose language has not been affected by other languages ​​such as Arabic or an indicative language like American Sign Language.

Al-Juaid emphasized: “This book went through various stages, punctuated by thought, vigilance and perseverance at work, until we saw a glimmer of hope after my contact with the deaf community, young and old.”

Moreover, she said that she is keen to start this book with an overview of the culture of the deaf community in general, and the culture of the deaf community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular.

She made an effort to have the book well-organized and coherent, based on international best practices, in preparing books for learning sign languages ​​for the deaf.

The topics of the book came in twelve units, so that the first three units cover the deaf community, its culture, and its rights. The fourth unit dealt with an introduction to Saudi sign language linguistics. The fifth unit dealt with pronouns. The sixth unit of this book dealt with the topic of the singular and plural forms of Saudi sign language.

The seventh unit deals with nouns of sign, and the eighth unit was about verbs and their types in Saudi sign language, while the ninth unit dealt with the construction and composition of sentences, and the tenth unit dealt with the name of the subject and how to form it.

As for the eleventh unit, it was about the interrogative and negative tools in the Saudi sign language, and finally the twelfth unit dealt with some of the linguistic features of the Saudi sign language.

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