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Saudi Air forces are present in Greece to participate in “Falcon Eye 3 ” maneuvers

Saudi Air forces are present in Greece to participate in "Falcon Eye 3 " maneuvers


Royal Saudi Air Force participants in the “Ain Al-Saqr 3” (Falcon Eye 3) exercise arrived on Crete’s Greek Island. A series of maneuvers are scheduled to begin next week, during which the Saudi forces will fly F-15 fighter jets with their entire crews.


Colonel Pilot Staff Khalifa Al-Anzi, commander of the Air Force Group participating in the maneuvers, explained that these maneuvers are an extension of the “Ain Al-Saqr” maneuvers carried out alternately in Saudi Arabia and Greece.



He noted that coordination meetings with Greek Air preceded the maneuvers. In these meetings, the focus was on the working mechanisms and the quality of the participating flights.



Accordingly, a complete program was drawn up that includes all sorts of flights; to refine and develop the skills of the aircrews, technical and support, and support their readiness to exchange experiences in the available fields.



The Air Force group participating in the maneuvers on behalf of the Saudi Ambassador in Athens was received by the Chargé d’Affairs at the embassy Ahed bin Hamad, the Commander of the Air Force Group, the Commander of the Souda Air Base, Colonel Pilot Christos Grigorodis, and the Military Liaison Officer at the Saudi Embassy in Greece, Colonel Pilot Corner Rashid Al-Aboudi.


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