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Riyadh Street Art Festival Kicks off on Nov.15-18

The Riyadh Street Art Festival, hosted by the Saudi Visual Art Commission, is a vibrant event.

Kicking off on November 15th-18th, it will showcase spectacular street art.

The Art festival transforms Riyadh into an open-air gallery, artists from across the globe participate.

Riyadh Street Art Festival Celebrating Art and Culture

Not just about art, the festival is a celebration of culture and creativity. International and local artists bring walls to life.

Their murals reflect diverse themes and styles. The event fosters cultural exchange.

Art enthusiasts find the festival thrilling. The festival offers workshops and live painting sessions. It’s a perfect place for networking and learning. Art lovers meet artists and share ideas.

Furthermore, the festival positively impacts the city’s local community. It boosts tourism and promotes local businesses.

The art creates a sense of pride among residents. It beautifies the cityscape, making Riyadh more vibrant.

The Riyadh Street Art Festival is a must-visit. It’s a blend of art, culture, and community spirit.

The Saudi Visual Art Commission has created a unique event. It leaves a lasting impression on visitors and artists alike.

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