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1st Contemporary Art Museum in Riyadh Features Argentine Bienalsur Exhibit

The inaugural event of the first Contemporary Art Museum in Riyadh marked a significant milestone not only for Saudi Arabia but also for the international art community. This monumental inauguration featured an exhibit from the Argentine Bienalsur, which is the International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in Riyadh’s JAX district and was inaugurated by the Saudi Ministry of Culture. This museum, alongside another in Diriyah, forms a unique platform displaying a permanent art collection.

The museum authorities plan to host three temporary exhibitions every year, accompanied by various cultural and artistic events​.

Additionally, the Bienalsur exhibit in Riyadh featured over 400 artists from 27 countries, including 10 artists from Saudi Arabia.

The artists who graced the occasion included Saeed Gebaan, Hatem Al-Ahmad, and Shahd Youssef, each presenting their creative works. Gebaan’s “Soul,” Al-Ahmad’s “To Speak in Synergy,” and Youssef’s “Great Smog” were among the many artworks that captivated the audience.

These artists, along with many others, had the opportunity to present their work in Saudi Arabia, reflecting the country’s growing appreciation and platform for contemporary art and international cultural exchange​.

Furthermore, the museum’s establishment aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader initiative to enhance the quality of life through cultural enrichment and international exchanges. It also aims to become a platform promoting contemporary artistic practices by both local and international artists.

The exhibition is part of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to enhance cultural interactions. It is scheduled to run until December 31 in the JAX district, allowing residents and visitors to explore the diverse range of contemporary artworks​.

The Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art at Jax (SAMoCA) hosted Bienalsur’s third edition, showcasing 26 artists from Saudi Arabia and around the globe. This edition of Bienalsur in Riyadh reflects a growing interest and investment in contemporary art within the region, further positioning Saudi Arabia as a burgeoning hub for modern art and cultural exchange on the global stage​.

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