Riyadh hosts “Hack@” event for cyber security

The “Hack@” event for cyber security will kick off next Sunday in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where a group of international professionals and trainers in this field will gather for the first time in the Kingdom.

The event, which will continue until November 30, is a tributary to achieving the goal of the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones, to have one programmer out of every 100 Saudis by 2030 and to encourage innovation and creativity and reach global leadership.

The Hack@ Conference in cyber security is the largest in both Asia and Africa, with more than 200 speakers and trainers, and 200 leading and emerging companies from around the world participating in providing solutions and products in the field of cyber security, as well as raising awareness of cyber security risks and responsibilities and share the latest developments in this field.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved a remarkable achievement in the field of cyber security, after obtaining second place globally out of 193 countries, and it ranks first in the Arab world, the Middle East, and Asia, according to the Global Cyber Security Index.

The US topped the list with a score of 100, while Saudi Arabia came with the UK in second place with 99.54 each. The Global Cyber security Index is issued by the UN specialized agency in information and communication technology known as the “International Telecommunication Union”.

Saudi Arabia has jumped 11 places from 2018, in the new classification of the Global Cyber security Index, and by more than 40 places since the launch of Vision 2030, as it was ranked 46 globally in the 2017 edition of the index.

Cyber security is also called “computer security” or “information security”, and it is a branch of technology concerned with protecting systems, property, networks, and programs from digital attacks that usually aim to access, alter, damage, or extort sensitive information.

Over the past two years, Saudi Arabia has made great leaps in the field of cyber security and established a national center for cyber security, as well as adopted a very large set of policies, such as data classification, cloud computing, and data protection, in addition to the laws that are applied.

Saudi Arabia also has a set of training programs and initiatives on various topics in cyber security with very large numbers of employees and workers in this field.

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