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Reward at the end of Al Khaluf Cave in the Sultanate of Oman

Al Khaluf Cave in the Sultanate of Oman looks like a secret haven that provides a reward for those looking for experiences of comfort and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So what is this reward?

After seeing some of the pictures spread on social networking sites of the Al Khaluf Cave, Omani photographer and tour guide Khaled al-Aqour decided to search for the cave and discover the reward at its end; that is, a secret direct entrance to Al Khaluf Beach, which provides a charming view of the sea and the white sands of the beach.

Al-Aqour told CNN Arabic that his passion for the sea prompted him to search for the Al Khaluf Cave, and it became clear to him that it was easy to reach the cave site via Google Maps. The cave is just a few meters from the village of Al Khaluf in the Wilayat of Mahout in Oman’s Al-Wusta Governorate.

The Al Khaluf cave is made up of several different cavities within huge rocky outcrops and is distinguished by its unique location leading to the interior of the sea.

Al-Aqour described the moment he entered the cave, saying, “As you approach the cave, you find the entrance is like entering a dark room, but the darkness quickly dissipates as the sun’s rays penetrate the cave, and the light gradually infiltrates, filling the place with amazing rays.”

As for the scene of the beach at its end, al-Aqour explained that when approaching the sea, “your ears are blown by the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks of the mountain, as if you are in a special place far from the noise of life to find peace and tranquility on this hidden beach.”

The atmosphere of Al Khaluf Beach is characterized by its unique white sand dunes, and the region’s atmosphere is moderate in summer and cold in winter. Al-Aqour faced some challenges while documenting the cave, such as the poor lighting in the cave due to the limited openings for light to enter, which makes it difficult to take appropriate pictures that reflect its beauty and the feeling experienced by the visitor.

Al-Aqour advises lovers of caves and beaches to visit this unique site, stressing that those wishing to visit must review the site of the cave and make sure they know the way. He also recommends using a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the cave hole.

“We must not forget that nature is your trust, so preserve it,” he said.

Although the Sultanate of Oman is known as a beautiful desert paradise in the Middle East, it also has a fantastic coastline facing the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. The beaches in Oman are beautiful and unspoiled, with clear water and calm waves that lull you into a peaceful daze.

Oman’s coastline spans over 3,000 kilometers and includes beaches of varying atmospheres. Some have rich marine life and water sports activities, while others include picnic areas with palm trees and white sand. They are all well-maintained, and most are, in fact, public beaches. Private beaches in the country are generally used for military purposes or beach resorts.

Because of Oman’s hot climate, the beaches can be very hot and uncomfortable to visit in the summers, so the best months to enjoy the beach are between November and April when winter sets in.

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