Reasons behind officials’ appearance without shemagh at “launch” event in Riyadh

“Launch” event in Riyadh, which was launched on Wednesday, attracted attention on an international level; It witnessed a large number of technical initiatives supporting the digital economy.

Launch event in Riyadh

 A large number of officials appeared during the event as speakers, headed by: Eng. Abdullah Al-Sawaha; Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Adviser to the Royal Court Turki Al-Sheikh; Chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment, and Dr. Abdullah Sharaf Al-Ghamdi.

The appearance of some officials without wearing a shemagh, during the largest technical event in the Middle East, drew attention a lot.

For his part, Mutaib al-Quni; The CEO of the Saudi Federation for Cyber ​​Security, explained that the appearance of some officials without a shemagh, came as an attempt to attract the youth segment and talk to them.

 He affirmed their pride in Chmagh and national identity, saying: “We are talking to a young segment; we are trying to show them in a way that they accept us and interact with our initiatives, and this was a clear message for this segment’s dialogue.”

The largest technical event in the region witnessed the signing of several agreements with major companies, in addition to announcing global initiatives to support technology, the digital economy, and entrepreneurs in this sector.

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