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Constructing or Buyin a Real Estate?

New home construction at Georgia, USA

A member of the Saudi Council of Engineers, Abdul-Ghani Al-Jund, said that you must make sure that it is from a reliable body that works with quality and under engineering supervision when buying a ready real estate.

Al-Jund emphasized that although he is not encouraged to choose the ready-made real estate home and prefer self-construction despite its difficulty, he advises following several things when resorting to this option.

real estate

In an interview with “Tawasul” on the “Al-Risala Channel,” he indicated the importance of requesting reports from an accredited engineering real estate office that undertook all stages of construction with the importance of being documented with pictures, in addition to obtaining construction plans for the entire building.

He indicated that it is important to obtain purchase invoices such as iron and concrete to know the types used in construction and accompanying a structural engineer to the building for real estate examination.

In general, there are many points to consider before making that decision towards buying or constructing real estate:
– Cost
– Nature of Utilization
– Convenience
– Customization
– Flexibility
– Life-span
– Long-term Investment

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