Ramadan in Al-Qassim : Joy & Contentedness always dominate

The people of the Al-Qassim region receive the blessed month of Ramadan with different and special social customs filled with joy.


Commercial traffic increases, streets are crowded, squares are decorated with lights, and houses and sessions are prepared for iftar tables.


Sensing the spirituality of the holy month, the people compete to break the fast of the fasting people among the corridors and streets of the neighborhoods, the squares of the mosques, and the houses.



As soon as the Maghrib call to prayer,  Qassimi people fill Iftar tables with water, dates, juices, pastries, and other sweets and different types of food.


Dr. Al-Mashiqih, at Qassim University, explained that Qassim people in Ramadan prepare foods such as samosas, qorsan, luqaimat, al-marasie’, and kabsa.



The people of Qassim prepare a lot of sweets and dishes, such as dates with nuts, maamoul, and kleija, they serve them with Arabic coffee.



He pointed out that many families in Al-Qassim, after performing Tarawih prayers, tend to practice recreational and sports activities after Tarawih, such as football, volleyball, and various other games.


The people of Qassim also attend cultural events in neighborhood clubs after performing Tarawih prayers.


In the last third of Ramadan, they also begin to prepare for the blessed Eid al-Fitr, and they tend to buy gifts and distributions


They also buy the needs of family members, such as clothes, fabrics, and other necessities.


The people of Qassim are preparing to celebrate the feast and to meet relatives and the people of the neighborhood.


They are also preparing to pay zakat al-fitr and explain its form and importance to the children.

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